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Time:12:42 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Ok people-

In pseudo-necessity of the impeach in my privacy (see previous journal entry), I made a new journal. again. I'm adding you all, and if I happen to be a jerk and forget to add you, just add me again and I'll do the same. thanks.
love, erin
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Time:11:47 pm
Hi Mom.
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Subject:class tomorrow
Time:07:55 pm
blah. like i said- there's cass tomorrow. blah.

Heather, the new girl to our apartment, seems really nice. her room is pretty much cooler than mine, which makes me want to shoot her, but otherwise i have no gripe with the kid. i AM, however nervous about the fact that Johnson will be meeting her soon either through her being invited to my old house to hang out, or during the birthday-ridden month of december when we're having a sagittarius, white-trash, and eighties dance party parties to which he is most definiately invited. i'm nervous because i can see them liking each other, and i've been getting to know heather, now that i think about it, specifically for that reason. ugh.

emailed my hot t.a. yesterday about portfolios ad her mailed me back today giving me his office hours, and reminding me about his class that he wasing going to have next semester which makes me ill. an advanced writing class? what the hell am i thinking? i almost DIED last year because of his english class and now I want to do it again?!?!? i've gone completely insane.
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Subject:class and ass
Time:01:02 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I have some classes to attend to next week, but alas, no ass. ha. ha.

My bosom buddy Tamara and I are sitting around, making her a schedual for classes and deciding where to go for lunch. I am so excited about Mondays now during the school year, we penciled in lunch at around 1 pm. Yeah!!

Can I say I love Johnson? Have I said this already? Oh, yeah.
I have.

Ok, I'll stop being annoying. Time to get shit done.
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Subject:caffine, nicotine, too many 'ines...
Time:11:33 am
I have a firm belief that the best breakfast combination in the world is coffee and a couple cigarettes. *sigh* How I love thee, let me count the ways...

Turns out that the computer I want (which would be the exact twin of Meredith's 12'' PowerBook G4) is approximately 1600.00$. Yowch. Altough my birthday and Christmas is coming up and Dad had said something about collaborating with Mom to make a computer happen, I doubt it would be 1600.00 of computer. I don't think they love me that much. ;)

Much excitement here in the apartment-- I'm moving into Heather's old room now that she has moved all of her crap out. ("Goodbye, Vanilla!!") I'm going to make it super minimal with nothing more than my bed, a clock radio on the floor, and possibly a tv in the corner. Oh, and awesome paint on the walls. My dream of living in a large, empty flat may still come true...

I love my new job, btw, everyone seems so nice, I get to sit in lovely warmness during the wintertime, and have two free comp tickets to see all events (its required) I'm especially excited to see The Crucible, but not excited by the fact that it was written by Arthur Miller. That man has a gift for making seemingly interesting subject matter into a big heap of boring. So we shall see. (Oh, also excited about the HUGE cabaret that's going on during Christmas to celebrate old, pagan gods forgotten. How fucking cool is that?)

I miss Dance Dance Revolution. I'm such a dork.

I wish I could smoke in my house, but Meredith hates it. >;(

That's enough update. Time for more coffee. I have to get shit done today.
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Subject:....and she relapses
Time:09:45 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
I was doing so well about this whole Johnson thing for like, two weeks, and then all of the sudden, yesterday I get all moody again. I was hanging out with Spike and Johnson at Value Village and then Spike's house, and everything was cool. And then later that night, when I'm laying on the couch, having some half-nap time, with Johnson reading in an attractive position on the floor, I'm just sitting there, thinking about how freakin' beautiful he his, about how his hair needs a trim, how cute his feet are, and then I'm like DAMN!!!! You cannot like him, (unless you be some feirce masochist) because he doesn't like you like that, and then this can only end in tears.
Last night wrapped up with me listening to sad bastard music in my room, thinking about the boy. I. Am. Pathetic.

Other than that, my weight has been dropping off of me, and I don't really understand why. It could be because I'm biking everywhere these days, but the more likely culprit is the bike riding with me really not caring whether I eat or not. I'm always forgetting lately, and am just not hungry. Hm.

OH! btw, I must be weird psychic because a couple of days ago I was thinking a lot about my English TA all morning, and then, approximately two hours later I see him in the Union as I was going to the bank! HM! It made me a bit uncomfortable.

Thus ends the rantings of a very, very silly girl.
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Current Music:The Bends
Subject:You gotta 'zine 'cause you're scene...
Time:12:34 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
So... because I'm a huge dork, and because I feel the need to be socially accepted as a hipster, (the last parts not true- I already am a hipster. I don't try, but aparently I am. The first part is true, however. I am a huge dork.) I am creating a zine. For all of you who don't know what zines are (shame on you), it's almost exactly like a magazine (hence the name) except it's smaller in size, is much shorter, and usually in black and white. Content can be anything, but usually it's poetry, writings, or artwork. My zine is called Huxley, with the sub-title of Promoting a Creative Lifestyle and Feminist Ideals. Topics in this issue will be as follows:
-Wimpsters (Lame Emo/Hipster boyfriends who mooch off of girls)
-The Benefits of Dumpster Diving
-A quote from an excellent book by Tom Robbins I'm reading at the moment
-Fire And Ice by Robert Frost
-Shameless self-promotion for my hair cuts
******and the most important part******
An article that I'm in the process of writing which will pretty much be a concise version of the ten pge research paper about why women do the majority of housework in the home.


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Current Music:Tigermilk
Subject:Boring post on recent events.
Time:12:59 pm
Current Mood:workingworking

Went over to Elizabeth and Stacy's last night for Stacy's b-day. (Happy Birthday to her.) Ate entirely too much spaghetti and cake. Prior to arriving at their abode I handy-crafted Stacy a card with a cool Japanese rooster print that I water colored pink and red. I think she liked it.

Went to see Tamara at work today, and am glad that I did. This whole week, when I was thinking that people were neglecting and ignoring me, turns out that Tamara tried to stop by the day *after* the day she said she was going to, and then called, and then everyone just thought I hated them. Had a good talk with her and got to play with an uber-cute white pit bull puppy that had lost one eye due to an unfortunate scratching from its mother.

I have a job interview with The Milwaukee Reperatory Theatre on Wed. for a position as a phone representative. This would be good. I hope I get the job.

Going now to do ISPR work in a cubicle for the next four hours, let's hope I don't die of sheer tedium.

I miss J.
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Current Music:high fidelity soundtrack
Subject:feeling shitty
Time:02:12 pm
Current Mood:infuriatedinfuriated

First of all, can I say that I hate Quizilla? Stupid piece of shit site.

Secondly, I would like to say that men are one massive, tragic, disgusting flaw in the human race. They are oblivious. I swear to god there's a level of comprehension that men just do not have. Fuck men. And fuck their penises.

Does everyone here know that in the womb, all human beings start off as female, with a feamle genotype, and then when testosterone is introduced, the outcome is a male? YEA.  Makes a few things a little more clear, no?


I'm sick and tired of being alone. I want cuddles. I want kisses. And I want it to be with someone I actually fucking care about. Note to Self: Stop trying.
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Time:04:06 pm

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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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